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February 1, 2024

Expert Systems 101

It would be amazing if Google was a true expert system. You have a weird thing on your foot, WebMD…

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Market Dominance: The Ultimate Goal of Marketing Strategy

The ultimate goal of a company is market dominance. Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta, Netflix, TSMC and other famed companies have…

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Travel Industry Media & Digital PR Trends for 2023

Travel is back in full swing in 2023. You've seen the celebrities and VCs back in Italy this summer, showing…

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Secret Homepage SEO Best Practices (with 16 Examples)

A client recently asked me if they needed to apply the same SEO principles to their homepage as they do…

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Digital PR Strategy & Tips for Link Building: An 18-Step Process for 2023

In my mind, a digital PR strategy should be tightly integrated with your content marketing strategy, themes you want to…

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Feedback Loops & SEO

My quick thoughts on this: SEO is hard because the feedback loops are long, and by that time things have…

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Stack S-Curves in your SEO Strategy

Here are my thoughts and opinions and philosophy on this, I could be off and wrong but it's what I'm…

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