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February 28, 2023

The Medium is the Message: 2023 Edition

"The medium is the message" We’ve all heard this, but what does it mean for our everyday work as marketers…

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Feedback Loops & SEO

What does the Brazilian soccer game of futsol have to do with Google Analytics data? How is your bathtub a…

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The Unique Difficulty of Small Business SEO and What to Do Instead

The popular sentiment is that most small business owners are pulled in 99 different directions, work insane hours, and hope…

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Pre-Craft the Story to Win Coverage

Who are some of the most over-worked and underappreciated professionals? Journalists and editors on a deadline. There are now 6-to-1…

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How we Generate Ideas for Content Marketing & Digital PR Campaigns

Elon opens his mouth and says the smartest and dumbest things and he makes headlines. That's the holy grail of…

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Image Link Building: Examples, Ideas and How To

I've been seeing a few example recently of sites clearly stating that people can use their images, with attribution. It's…

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Above-the-Fold Content & SEO: Does it Affect Rankings? (With 9 Examples)

Does above-the-fold content matter for SEO? Quick answer: yes. Long answer: there is not much information out there on how…

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