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Digital PR
We landed coverage on Newsweek for a travel client with a creative "dream job" campaign in New York City tasting Irish Coffee over the holidays.

Digital PR Helps You Earn 
the Highest Quality Links 
and Placements

Top-Tier Quality

We help our clients get placements in top-tier publications and blogs that are relevant to 
your campaign.

Build High-Fidelity Content

We build premium content for you 
that gets attention and is SEO-driven. 
Without it, the link placements wouldn't exist.

Digital PR

Digital PR: The New Way to Build Links and Earn Attention

Most marketers looking to hire a digital PR agency are looking to gain an edge on their competitors stuck in the past with traditional link building.

Let's Make Some Magic with Content and Links

Ready to kick things into high gear for the next quarter? Our campaigns build traffic with compounding value.

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Digital PR combines the worlds of SEO, traditional PR and content marketing to produce interesting, creative content that gets attention for your brand and supports organic SEO traffic.

That's a mouthful!

In a nutshell, digital PR is a tactical, creative way to earn media attention online.

Digital PR can work across all marketing channels, but aligns especially well with organic search by supporting SEO strategies.

We approach digital PR from a combination of a marketing strategy and SEO-centric perspective.

Our work focuses on creating content that drives organic traffic via search engines.

We do this by aligning content with search volume, creating premium content, and pitching it to willing journalists and bloggers to earn placements and backlinks. It's a virtuous cycle that benefits all involved.

Not all industries and company types can see a good return from digital PR services at this moment.

The best fit companies are:

  1. Digital-first and derive most sales online 
  2. Have a strong profit margin, high order value, or both.
  3. Tend to be in semi-mature markets where there are multiple competitors duking it out in Google organic search results. Startups are often too early. 
  4. Have been producing content internally for some time.
  5. Have specific marketing goals to measure success against.

We give pricing quotes after getting to know your business and marketing goals.

Some industries like finance and insurance are much different, and more competitive, than industries like travel and certain B2B software, so it all depends on industry, competition, goals, and your team's brand and content controls.

For a ballpark estimate, engagements start at $8,000 a month.

We take care of the full digital PR for link building process from start to finish. We collaborate with you to understand what your marketing and traffic goals are and how we can help support those goals. 

This includes:

  1. Foundational digital PR & content marketing strategy
  2. Brand alignment workshop
  3. Industry & competitor research project
  4. Topic research and prioritization
  5. Content calendar creation
  6. First campaign complete content creation 
  7. Content promotion via outreach
  8. Analysis, iteration, and move on to next campaign

If you're ready to discuss this in further detail, book the first call now!

Digital PR can be very complementary with traditional PR teams and can work together.

Traditional PRs can pitch the digital PR content created to their own network of contacts.

Digital PR teams can also focus on more specific outlets if needed. 

This relationship should definitely be part of the initial planning phases!

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