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Green Flag Digital is an agency at the rare intersection of: marketing strategy, SEO, content marketing, data visualization & PR. We help owners of marketplaces, lead aggregators, and SaaS companies with $500k to $10m a year in annual marketing budgets that want to grow their organic share of voice.

Meet the team

A small but mighty team

Doers ready to build.
Joe Robison
Founder, Consultant
Kristen Klepac
Senior Digital PR & Content Marketing Manager
Chloe Ekberg
PR Lead
Dr Jessica Share
Dr. Jessica Share
Writer, Content Strategist



  1. Innovation: learn from the greats, but create new approaches that work.
  2. Early adoption: from AI to human-led design shifts, we want to be on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest.
  3. Experimentation: always be testing and willing to try new things that could have geometric outcomes.
  4. Collaboration: the lone wolf dies but the pack survives, we believe in the power of teamwork for greater outcomes, where everyone plays a key role.
  5. Data, analysis, insights: humanize data with context. There’s a data and content deluge upon us, what matters most, now?
  6. Intelligence: pairing human and artificial intelligence is the most powerful way to move forward. Real time data and intelligence gathering is more important than ever.
  7. Adaptation: the cliches are right – the world is moving faster than ever, we should evolve our services and build the alpha generating machine for continued growth.
  8. 10x value: how might we deliver 10x the value to prove our worth, over and over, and be a key contributor to our clients and community?


Our purpose as an agency is to help our clients connect the dots of what’s going on in the world, and showcase their own contributions.

Clients have proprietary data from their business that can serve the world by contributing new information and research. We help these new findings spread by working with the media to distribute these ideas.


  1. Explain the world through novel research methods
  2. Connect the dots between companies and publications
  3. Land media coverage for expanded share-of-voice
  4. Leverage network effects for maximum impact
  5. Make a difference in the lives of our partners and network

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