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Work with one or more technical SEO consultants on our team to help solve your difficult technical SEO issues. From crawling, to indexation, ranking, and beyond.

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We'll crawl your site and identify the high-priority issues that are causing problems.

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We can activate high-ROI technical SEO changes by fixing and improving sitewide problems.

Finding a Good Technical SEO Consultant is Hard

If you know you need technical SEO help, you’re already pretty smart.

The average person would just search “SEO help” and follow the rabbit hole from there.

But if you’re at this point, you’ve done some research.

If you’re facing issues like crawl errors in Google Search Console, some indexation issues, or having problems with rel=canonical, you’re facing technical SEO issues.

Most hardcore technical SEOs work inside large companies solving in-house problems, so they’re far and few in-between.

Thankfully, there are still some decent technical SEO consultants in the wild ready to help clients.

My name is Joe Robison, San Diego-based SEO expert that just may be able to help you out!

I’ve written on the issue a few times for Moz:

technical seo screenshot


technical seo screenshot

It was fun! I enjoy writing on the topic. Truthfully, any really well-rounded SEO should know their stuff technically, but finding a good well-rounded SEO is tough.

Let’s Make Your Technical Problems Disappear

Ready to kick things into high gear for the next quarter? Our engagements help solve your pressing technical SEO issues so you can move on to what matters next.

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