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Give me a shoutout. Because I want one. No, I have nothing to offer you.

Imagine being on the receiving end of that pitch. Hard pass.

Old school traditional PR and tactical link building have merged into a sustainable digital growth strategy: digital PR. There are many flavors of digital PR, but the content marketing & link-building variety is a powerful way to earn media coverage and backlinks. The best way to approach this is with a win/win mindset where both sides gain value.

1. The Win/Win Mindset Means Thinking of the Editorial Tastes & Trends

When you create content with the mindset of providing valuable content for a journalist to cover, you are already on the right track. Taking it one step further means thinking about what the editor of the beat is thinking and how you can create a campaign that appeals to them.

This forces you to create higher-quality pieces that get editorial approval and have better overall potential to win.

2. And Thinking of the Audience’s Audience

While creating and pitching something that gets approved by the editors is the first step, ultimately you want to create something with wide appeal.

It should get shared, linked to, and loved by your audience’s audience.

Incorporate macro and micro-trends and hit on all the right emotions to create story-driven content that consumers love.

3. The Win/Win Mindset is Sustainable

Best of all, having the win/win mindset where value is created for the recipient first, is an evergreen mindset that transcends industries.

Amazon has grown to a trillion-dollar valuation because of its over-the-top customer-centricity. Growth marketers also focus on iterating based on constant feedback from users.


If you’re Michael Scott, even the negotiator wins. The overall takeaway is to create interesting, linkable story-driven content that’s a win for all audiences. You won’t always crush it, but the mindset will take you far.

Joe Robison

Founder & Consultant
Joe Robison is the founder of Green Flag Digital. He founded the agency in 2015 and has been heads-down scaling content marketing and SEO services for clients ever since. He is an occasional surfer, fledgling yogi, and sucker for organized travel tours.
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