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There’s enough junk on the web from SEOs stuffing stats pages with a big list of useless stats.

So this is my list of opinionated search statistics.

I was going to call this Google Search Statistics only, but that’s a lot less interesting that taking a zoomed out view of the human activity of search, which can actually be quite philosophical.

To keep this approach fresh and authentic, I’m going to write out all the questions that come to mind first, and then research the stats for those next, so that I’m truly answering my most pressing questions.

The New Super Star in Search: Generative and Conversational AI

It remains to be seen how we will classify generative and conversational AI, but at the moment I think the average sentiment is that there’s a lot of overlap with search.

I personally think this conversational and generative AI will more grow the pie than eat into much of Google’s search business or profits, but it does mark an inflection point where Google must respond.

I think actually awakens the sleeping giant. Google has been sitting on so much data for so long, but because of anti-trust concerns, they have been handicapping themselves.

A clear threat from Bing may be the biggest gift ever to Google. They can clearly point to the threat of a considerable contender – Microsoft with their Open AI partnership – and can now unleash all their corporate might.

New 2023 Search Statistics

This collection is focusing only on the newest, freshest statistics around search, which incorporates ideas and concepts from ChatGPT-3 and Google’s Bard.

How many people are projected to use Google in the U.S. in 2023?

What about the world? How does this compare to 2022?

Generative AI and Conversational AI and Search Statistics

How many people currently use Open AI’s GPT-3?

How many people use Bing’s Chatbot?

How many people are using Google Bard?

What’s the most popular conversational AI tool?

Are real-time AI virtual assistants a service yet?

I honestly think this could be a multi-billion dollar industry, but

Google Search Statistics

What percent of the market does Google truly own?

What percent of search results have ads?

Is TikTok actually a threat to Google?

Is ChatGPT-3 actually a thread to Google?

Google Bard AI usage statistics

Voice Search Statistics

For awhile, voice search was supposed to be the hot new thing. I don’t think it is any more. That being said, voice could come back in a big way if really good conversational AI was paired with really good voice assistants. This could actually be like having a conversation with a smart assistant. Not everyone wants to converse in this way, some say text is the universal interface, but it can be a compelling alternative.

Even further in the future would be conversational AI video assistants. Really high quality virtual video assistants that you could converse back and forth with.

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