Magento SEO Specialist

Unlocking Magento’s Power

I think you’ll agree – Magento is a beast.

Getting it perfectly optimized for search engines is an ongoing project. You’re trying to focus on growing sales on your ecommerce site and SEO is one of the best ways to do so.

But you’re a little bit lost.

Before you decide on a Magento SEO specialist, let me highlight a few of the problems with Magento SEO and how we can fix them:

1. Magento Makes it Hard to Find Meta Tags

It’s funny, I’ve used WordPress for years and Magento the past year, and it’s like night and day.

Yes, there are a ton of SEO plugins you can add on to Magento to make it much easier, but out of the box, Magento doesn’t make it easy. You have to poke around for the title tag, meta description, and more on Magento – and it changes whether you’re on a category, product, or CMS page.

It’s tough, but we can make it easier by finding the right plugins and optimizing from there.

2. Magento Page Redirects are Unclear

There’s a setting you must make sure is set every time you want to change the name of a page in Magento. If you don’t, you’ll lose the original page. In other CMS’s such as WordPress, it’s automatic. But not so on Magento.

You have to first configure the setting at a higher level, and then on the individual pages make sure it’s good to go.

It’s annoying, but very important so that you don’t lose the authority and links pointing to your original page.

3. Changing Domains on Magento Can be a Nightmare

I’ve pulled my hair out going through this process more than once. If you don’t have the right developers working on your domain name change, you can seriously mess up your site.

Let’s say you’re rebranding, or you scooped up an awesome new domain name. You should use that and not have a problem, right?

Easier said than done.

Some developers might accidentally just redirect all your old pages to the home page of your new domain…oops.

Or they’ll leave a noindex tag on the new pages that makes it impossible for Google to index…bad.

Or the worst is they’ll leave the redirects temporary, so Google things you never changed your domain name permanently…easy to overlook.

Then there are technical issues.

For instance, on Linux/Apache servers, the server level rewrites and Magento application rewrites can get switched around and mess up your domain migration.

If you are redirecting from one domain to another, you are doing server-level rewrites. The default Magento redirects are application-level rewrites.

Server level redirects need to be placed above the Magento application rewrites. If this isn’t the case, your Magento rewrites will come before the server level rewrites and mess everything up.

Solving Magento SEO Problems

If you’d like to continue the discussion, please feel free to reach out below and I’ll try to help.