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Digital PR: The New Way to Build Links and Earn Attention

Most marketers looking to hire a digital PR agency are looking to gain an edge on their competitors stuck in the past with traditional link building.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR involves creating epic content and pitching it to bloggers and journalists to get backlinks and press attention for your brand.

It’s been exploding in growth the past few years as an alternative to older forms of link building like guest posts, resource pages, and broken link building.

Digital PR is also different from traditional PR and brand PR. It involves creating campaigns around content that is then promoted to earn links to the website overall as well as that piece of content. 

So rather than promoting a brand in general, we take a tactical approach and create a reason for bloggers and journalists to talk about your brand. 

How We Do It


Digital PR campaigns involve a 15-step process from industry research, to topic selection, keyword matching, content creation, design, linkable market research, and then the promotion and followup process itself. It’s a well-timed series of events that, when done properly, produces solid results.

We build high-fidelity content that stands out, head and shoulders above other companies.

While in-house content creation is great for the companies that can hire the right team, oftentimes this higher level of content requires coordinated teams of researchers, writers, designers, and marketers to se the campaign from start to finish.

We specialize in these types of content formats:

  • High-quality infographics
  • Engaging maps
  • Surveys and data studies that break the news
  • Long-form blog post content that ranks and earns links
  • Other digital PR campaigns for press attention and links

By focusing on formats that work in 2020 and beyond, we can help you stand out vs your competitors and earn backlinks that they can’t.

We typically work with you on building a top-of funnel content creation strategy that ties in with your company.

We build content that stands on its own and can guide the link building campaign. Typically this means visual assets such as maps and infographics, surveys, or new data studies. (Yes, infographic link building still works if well done).

We then pitch 100-200+ bloggers and journalists. At the end of the day, they either like it or they don’t. This is the utmost in link quality, as it requires strict editorial approval.

We’ve built links from sites like Entrepreneur, HubSpot, Yahoo, Lonely Planet and more.

Your Business is a Match if:

  • You know that content creation and SEO can take 3-6 months to bear fruit
  • You’ve worked with an SEO company or digital PR agency before, or have done it yourself
  • You have other marketing channels – such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, email, and others that are working
  • You serve clients nationally, and not only local
  • You either want ecommerce sales, leads, or online bookings
  • You have a reasonable budget (see pricing below) – generally you should spend over $20-50,000 a month on all marketing efforts

We’re not a Good Match yet if:

  • Your budget for all marketing is less than $20,000 a month (since SEO is just one portion of all marketing)
  • You want content for offline purposes only
  • Your site is brand new and you have never tried to get traffic to a website before
  • You don’t know your profit and lifetime value per customer
  • You need immediate results in less than 30 days
  • You’re only looking for local SEO services, or primarily only sell in-person

Digital PR Pricing and Services

Creating high-fidelity content and pitching it to relevant outlets is not cheap, but it’s way more ROI-positive than low-quality campaigns – or doing nothing.

While a budget is a good place to start, the ultimate goal is to get value and ROI from the work, not the lowest price. To give you a ballpark, content creation and link building services start at $3,000-5,000 a month.

Digital PR and link building pricing is variable depending on the industry and volume. Some industries such as travel and finance are harder to get traction in, so we have to factor that in. There are other variables such as editorial approval and quantity of assets built per month.

Interested to see if this pricing aligns with your budget and ROI goals? Fill out the quote form on this page to get started!

I hope to meet you soon, and hear what your small business brand goals are for this year!

Joe Robison, Green Flag Digital



“Digital PR is the new and improved way to build links and earn attention for you brand and website. Get on board for the future and stay ahead of your competitors.”

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